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   CircuSoc is the juggling and circus skills society of Bristol University: its current activities and news can be found here. I was the secretary and general waffler of CircuSoc from 1999 until 2001; I wrote most of the newsletters, with substantial help from Ross Remnant and Nick Mayer (both were presidents of the society at one time or another).

   Once, every newsletter was jazzed up with a little light surreal 'humour'. In the name of efficiency and not scaring people off, this was eventually removed, so all the surrealness was transferred to the 'Alternative Newsletter', which is just too weird for most people. CircuSoc newsletters still go out to its members to this day, while the Alternative Newsletter is produced approximately bi-annually and goes out to a secret list of highly strange people. You too can join this list - simply e-mail me at and ask to be signed up!

   Here may be found the archive of CircuSoc Newsletters from the years 1998-2000 (when they were still interesting for non-fact-based reasons), and also the complete archive of the Alternative Newsletters...

CircuSoc Newsletters 1998
CircuSoc Newsletters 1999
CircuSoc Newsletters 2000
Alternative Newsletters 1, 2, 6, 3...