Some questions answered...

What is it really?
Two friends decided that it would be cool to make a webcomic. We realised that it would take a lot of drawing practice before we were ready to make such a thing... but we figured that we could have more fun practicing if we were actually making some kind of webcomic in the first place. After three months of 'warm-up' sketching and uploading here, we started... and this is it.

So why 'Neosaka'?
It isn't set in Osaka, it's set in New Osaka... which we thought could be called Neo Osaka, or just Neosaka for short. It sounds kind of cool, and no-one else on-line seemed to be using the name.

What do you mean 'Igloo Experiment'?
The long-term plan is that several stories will be told about Neosaka and its denizens, although there are no immediate plans for any at the moment. This first one is called 'Igloo Experiment', partly because it is an experiment, and partly for cunning and obscure reasons which are eventually be explained within the comic itself.

How often is it updated? How long will/did it last?
We each uploaded a strip every two weeks, offset from one another by one week, thus combining to make a weekly strip. New strips appeared every Thursday. The plan was to tell the entire Igloo Experiment story in one year, and this has now been achieved!

Who are you?
We are Amoki and Tai. Amoki does odd numbered episodes and likes to be secretive. Tai does even numbered episodes and is prepared to go along with the whole secretive thing. Together, we are known as Natae, and we can be e-mailed at

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